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Accused turns accuser Veteran jumbos clash over CMC muddle

by.S. Selvakumar

In a new twist to the UNP’s Colombo Municipality nomination list muddle, the hirtherto accused Mohamed Mahroof has turned accuser and put the whole blame on Mr.M.H.Mohammed, veteran UNP Parliamentarian, Colombo district leader and Authorised Agent of the UNP for the Colombo Municipal Council.

In a letter addressed toUNP General Secretary, N. V. K. K. Weragoda, Mahroof referred to a letter written to Weragoda by M. H. Mohamed where a resolution was enclosed to be tabled at the party’s working committee meeting for the removal of both Mahroof and Parliamentarian Milinda Moragoda from positions they were holding in the party.

"Mr.Mohamed appears to be suffering from a bout of amnesia, a malady not uncommon among 85-year-olds. That however cannot be allowed to distort the correct position," Mahroof stated in his letter. He further states that in his capacity as district leader and authorized agent for the CMC, the local authorities election law provides for the authorized agent, in place of the party’s secretary, the duty of handing over of nomination papers, appointing polling agents and appointing counting and other agents. And this is logical since the party secretary cannot go about handing over nomination papers to over 250 local authorities.

Mahroof further questions Mohammed as to whether he was aware of the final list of candidates for the CMC. Was he responsible for handing over the list to the Returning Officer. Did he peruse the list before handing it over. Did he notice that one of the names approved by the party, as Mr. Mohammed claims, had been left out of the list. He finally fires the question on why he failed to notice that one of the candidates was under age.

Mahroof requested the party secretary to table this letter at the next Working Committee meeting and an inquiry held into the conduct and lapses of M.H.Mohammed. He also proposed appointing a young and energetic person as Colombo district leader and the party’s authorized agent.

The letter has been copied to UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe, deputy leader Karu Jayasuriya and to the committee of inquiry on the CMC nomination list.(TIO)


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