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LTTE’s sea plane demand intrigues many

The LTTE’s sudden demand for a sea plane ride out of the country if it is to attend the second round of peace talks in Geneva later this month has intrigued many analysts.

"Does the LTTE want to prevent a recurrence of its delegates being searched as happened during their return to the country after the first round of talks or seriously believes there is a security threat", are some of the questions being posed.

The peace facilitators are tight lipped though one remarked "We do not know what sort of intelligence Prabhakaran gets.We are not prophets but the most important thing is to move the peace process forward."

They believe that eventually the LTTE would accept security gurantees provided by the government and leave through the Katunayake Airport for the April 19, Geneva talks.

Human Rights, High Security Zones and right of free movement for all North-East groups are some of the issues expected to be discussed as a matter of priority.

"Both the government and LTTE have indicated that that they are serious about talks and want to get over the initial hiccups so that substantive issues could be discussed",

They also expressed confidence that the government would effectively deal with the issue of para military groups before the next round of talks begin. Island by Zacki Jabbar


April 9, 2006 - Posted by | Media, Media Journalism, News, News and politics, South Asia, World News

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