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Balasingham’s threats and warnings should be stopped

Anton Balasingham in a recent interview with the Reuters News Agency has threatened the very existence of Sri Lanka and has demanded that President Mahinda Rajapaksa should dump his Sinhala nationalist allies and join with the UNP and form a new government.

This international terrorist operating from London under the impunity of holding a British Passport and acting in complete contravention and utter disregard to the official anti-terrorist policies of British government has gone beyond all limits of tolerance and human endurance in issuing warnings to the people and the democratically elected legitimate government of Sri Lanka.

All Sri Lankans including the President and the Government should rise against the threats and warnings of this international terrorist and demand that he should be extradited from Britain and tried for crimes against humanity.

In the event of justice not forthcoming from the so-called guardians of democracy patriotic Sri Lankans living worldwide have a compelling right to eliminate the real enemies of our great nation.

Despite agreeing in Geneva to the fact that only "armed groups" operating independently exist, this international terrorist has warned that "if the paramilitaries continue to launch military offensive operations against the LTTE, it will certainly be construed as an act of war against the LTTE", and cautioned that "it will lead to conditions of war and violence and it will block any forward movement of the peace talks and lead to the collapse of the peace process itself."

He has found fault in "Karuna Group" opening a political office in Batticaloa although it is a welcome sign that these Sri Lankan Tamils who indulged in terrorist activities under his terrorist outfit LTTE in the recent past had now given up terrorism and embraced the democratic path by indulging in political activities.

In utter defiance of the views the majority Sri Lankans this terrorist has strongly condemned JVP and the JHU as parties of "crazy Marxists’ and "mad monks".

He says that even if the present talks on ceasefire progress to negotiations on political issues, these ultra nationalist allies of President Rajapaksa would become spoilers.

The only way out of this mess for the President is to work out an alliance with the UNP he says. Praising Ranil Wickremasinghe’s Government he states the UNP-led coalition that governed Sri Lanka from Dec 2001 to April 2004 signed a truce with the Tigers and held several rounds of Norwegian brokered talks with them, despite being hamstrung by a hostile President.

Balasingham, even though he cannot walk freely in the streets of areas under the occupation of his terrorist own outfit, if ventured into anywhere in Sri Lanka would find to his surprise the respect and reverence being enjoyed by patriotic politicians of President Rajapaksa’s alliance from the Sri Lankans of all walks of life.

By condemnation of these patriotic future leaders of Sri Lanka he has blindly echoed the voices of reactionary elements and Norway financed NGO puppets. He declares that "if the talks do go ahead next month, amongst the pressing matters the LTTE will raise are the Sri Lankan military’s continuing occupation of dozens of emptied Tamil villages in the high security zones (HSZs) and restrictions on Tamil fishing communities."

He says they want the vast HSZs in the far north vacated by the military, want the army to halt cordon and search operations, and remove restrictions on fishing. He blames President Rajapaksa for rejecting the concepts of Tamil homeland and nationhood and warns that it presents an obstacle to a negotiated solution to the protracted conflict.

In his usual terrorist manner he threatens that "Unless Rajapaksa…accepts the demand of the Tamils for regional autonomy, there won’t be any prospect for a political solution" and warns that "If internal self-determination is rejected, then we will invoke the right to external self-determination – that is the right to form an independent state."

Once again this statement confirms their demand for a separate State remains unchanged and undiluted.

It was just after this terrorist interview that news about a ship carrying sophisticated weapons for the terrorist outfit heading towards Northern Sri Lanka emerged and the naval operations carried out subsequently ended up with a blast of a terrorist trawler resulting in the death of eight Navy personnel. Intelligence reports claimed there were aircraft parts, missiles and explosives on board the blown up LTTE trawler.

Among other various killings, this mass murderer is solely responsible for the barbaric massacre of nearly 800 Police personnel disarmed and made to surrender by President Premadasa.

The apology given by him at the infamous jungle Press Conference on the murder of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi makes him culpable for this notorious murder and qualifies him to be condemned and tried as an international terrorist.

He should also be grouped with the former Yugoslavian leaders being tried in The Hague for crimes related to ethnic cleansing since he acquiesced in the same jungle Press Conference that they carried out ethnic cleansing in the North and even gave a false promise that the victimized people could return to their original habitats.

These terrorist rogues who bleed the nation had succeeded in carrying out all their atrocities due to the fallacy of policies adopted by our past rulers.

Sri Lanka is the only nation in the world that feeds and nourishes in many ways an enemy force hell-bent on tearing it into pieces.

When the world rose against terrorism we failed to expose the cousins of Al Qaida, trainers of Al Qaida on suicide missions (destruction of U.S. vessel "Cole" in Yemen), arms suppliers of Al Qaida living in fortresses in Sri Lankan territory.

The Terrorist outfit has taken the tolerance and endurance shown by the Sri Lankan masses as a sign of weakness. It is an utter folly to expect any change in their attitudes and objectives.

Their goals have remained same and unchanged from Thimpu to Geneva, although the perceptions of the Tamil masses have shown a significant change.

Each and every Sri Lankan should shun all their petty differences and flock together to put an end to decades of menace and humiliation.

Worldwide agitations needs to be carried out in all western capitals against these perpetrators of terrorism in Sri Lanka and their fund raising activities, demanding Western countries to punish the key leaders operating from their soil.

In the event of appropriate action not forthcoming from these so-called guardians of democracy patriotic Sri Lankans will have no other alternative but to seek martyrdom by eliminating the terrorists.

As a prominent revolutionary leader had emphasized "liberation cannot be advanced softly, gradually, carefully, considerately, respectfully, politely, plainly and modestly."


April 13, 2006 - Posted by | News and politics, South Asia, World News

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