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LTTE child-soldier reality exposed in Channel 4 documentary

The recent British TV’s Channel 4 documentary on Sri Lanka effectively established the reality of LTTE child soldiers. The presenter Sandra Jordan evidently had the freedom to move around among all the communities, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims and even meet some of the violence-affected victim families. But it could also be seen that the LTTE attempted to make much out of this focus in their favour.

The LTTE must have taken for granted that Sandra Jordan was just another friendly reporter, just like some of the Norwegians who hang around them. This gave her a chance to meet many of the youthful cadres and even orphan girls as young as eleven and twelve years old going through the process of indoctrination effectively. In their world, there is only one hero and his pictures adorn the walls of their orphanage.

There were also a large number of children in uniform who were being trained. It was quite obvious their voices had not even cracked up. The documentary further exposed the fact that the Tigers themselves are training paramilitary forces and one could surmise that the civilian people dragged out for such are never given any other option.

Where the Tigers are in control, disobedience spells death and Zoo-Paa Thamilselvan, even before he passed his adolescent stage was quite an effective pistol marksman and used his expertise to exterminate the dissenters, a killer’s graduation!

Channel 4 reporter Sandra Jordan had chosen an excellent day to be in Kilinochchi with a general euphoria in full bloom around with black-suited men headed by Zoo-Paa under hot and sultry conditions boarding the Sri Lankan Army helicopter to Colombo en route Geneva.

The Channel 4 documentary also showed the consequence of the 2-hour ethnic cleansing of the Muslims from Jaffna, a community that has lived there for centuries. They were allowed only a plastic bag of whatever they could gather instantly and everything else was seized and sequestered by the Tigers. The Government of Sri Lanka, has to date not addressed itself to sort out this problem, and even Muslim leaders have not sufficiently advocated their cause. It is said corruption-packed politicians are bereft of the milk of human concerns and Sri Lanka, unfortunately has many of such kind. The Tsunami tragedy was klondyke to them.

When the Ceasefire Agreement was brought into effect in 2002, the Government of Sri Lanka should have insisted on the return of the Muslim people to their rightful habitation in Jaffna. Justice cannot be compromised to placate a terror outfit. Jaffna’s Muslim people must return to their homes on the peninsula.

If the LTTE are taking great satisfaction from the Channel 4 programme, then there is something terribly wrong in Kilinochchi. Language must be the primary factor and if this were so, there is no point in communicating with the Kilinochchi leadership in conversational and conference procedures in English.

Also there is a Tiger mentality of intense revulsion towards anything Indian but the opposite is true as far as the Kilinochchi bandits are concerned, of anything European. The "White-skin" goes a long way there, almost as if God himself had descended on Wanni; a goddess in this case! This was the kind of attitude that enveloped the Ceynor Development Project, which in time came to grief.

Channel 4 documentary was "Open Sesame" for Sandra Jordan to expose the reality of children, many of them orphans, who are being brainwashed to follow the leader, the bunkered bossman Prabhakaran who hasn’t an iota of compassion or pity for them. He needs them only to take up arms the way he wants to conduct his terror campaign or be suicide bombers. He is focused entirely on the Mafia state he is determined to create. This will ensure the smuggling enterprise of his ancestors becoming a major force in South and South-East Asia.-By Satchi Sithananthan

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April 25, 2006 - Posted by | News, News and politics, Press Release, South Asia, World News


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