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Join us or Die – LTTE kills Tamil children who refuse to join

LTTE terrorists killed a 12 year old school child who refused join LTTE by shooting in the night on 20th May at ERAVUR. The child was in his sleep at his Grandmother’s residence when the group of terrorists grabbed him out and shot to death.

The dead child named S. Sathyan ,a student of Valaichenai Hindu College had been forced to join LTTE by the LTTE’s "Baby brigade" recruiters for several times. It has been revealed that the child had refused the LTTE orders and was seeking refuge at his grand mother’s house.

The civilians in the area said that the LTTE has intensified child conscription as to  avenge the depleting support of Tamil community to the Terror organization and requested the Human rights activists to take prompt action against this grave crime. It is evident that LTTE leadership is desperately looking  for more children, specially from the EASTERN province, to utilize as "one way" fighters in the "final war" .

LTTE leadership has been using children recruited from the Eastern province in their " first wave of attack" ,of which these cadres utilized are not expected to return from the battlefield. Source: Ministry of Defence – Sri Lanka


May 22, 2006 - Posted by | Media Journalism, News and politics, World News

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