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“The overwhelming support enjoyed by the LTTE amongst Tamil people”… permits killing of Tamil children

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) issuing a statement to Pro LTTE media has suddenly shown a great interest in long suffering Tamil people. TNA in their statement, begs the European Union and the rest of the International community to not to take any action against LTTE since such action may cast too much blame on "innocent" LTTE leadership, that he may not be able to bear up such pain. Or may be the honorable Parliamentary members of TNA have already received the letter of execution by the "broken-hearted" terror leadership.

Whilst the TNA is striving hard to convince the International community that the LTTE is enjoying "an overwhelming support" among Tamil people and it is still the "sole representative" of Tamil speaking people; the terror leadership goes on killing children in the East. It is apparent that LTTE has implemented the ‘join or die" policy for children of Eastern Tamils, whom it had been using as the human baits in the good old days (before Colonel Karuna estranged). 12 year old S. Sthyam (see photos) was assassinated by the LTTE terrorists on 20th, just to teach a lesson to other Tamil children in the area, of the consequence of disobeying the "sole representative". The Lanka teachers union denouncing the brutal killing recalled how the teachers and school principals too, were killed when opposed to child conscription.

Meanwhile in another tragedy in Mannar, an elderly civilian was killed as the weapon of a LTTE child soldier accidentally discharged yesterday (21st). The child soldier, who was playing with his weapon which he had taken home after training, killed his grandfather by accidentally firing his weapon.

Thus, how can TNA remain silent any longer? It certainly has sincere concerns over long sufferings of Tamil  speaking people !

Source: Ministry of Defence – Sri Lanka


May 23, 2006 - Posted by | Media Journalism, News and politics, Press Release, South Asia, Uncategorized, World News

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