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LTTE’s ‘War Option’

Commenting on the European Union’s decision to ban the LTTE, Anton Balasingham, the LTTE theoretician based in UK, is reported to have said that, ‘EU ban on LTTE would seriously hamper the peace process’. Another opinion expressed by a Tiger negotiator is that, ‘EU ban would lead to war’, as reported in the The Island of May 20, quoting AFP sources.

Balasingham had expressed a rather more belligerent view when LTTE was banned in UK in 2001. ‘Britishers will know the real meaning of terrorism, if LTTE is banned in UK’, the Tiger theoretician was reported to have said when legislation was enacted in British Parliament to ban LTTE under British Terrorist Act 2000.

In an interview with another Sunday weekly published on May 21, Balasingham had reportedly said that: "The LTTE is seriously committed to peace and a negotiated settlement", a claim in contrast to the continued belligerent behaviour of the LTTE. Since Geneva Talks, two months ago, it has exploded more than fifteen claymore mines killing about hundred security personnel and injuring many more. It also attempted to assassinate the Army Commander and sink the Pearl Cruiser II with 715 security personnel on board.

It could be seen that the LTTE used the Ceasefire Agreement signed in 2002 as a launching pad to form a separate state. In a press briefing conveyed soon after signing the CFA, Prabhakaran was reported to have reiterated his commitment to Tamil Eelam. Answering a question posed by a reporter, the LTTE leader said his promise to his cadres to physically eliminate him should he renege on his separate state objective, still stands.

LTTE renegade Eastern leader Karuna has revealed that the LTTE smuggled eleven shiploads of weapons after signing the CFA and recruited about 1,300 child soldiers. While returning from the Berlin peace talks, the LTTE delegation, headed by Thamilchelvam, had taken 25 undeclared packages to the Wanni, which were later revealed to contain underwater scooters capable of mounting suicide attacks on shipping vessels. Balasingham is reported to have said in his Mahaveer Day address delivered in UK last year that: " The LTTE had liberated 70 per cent of Eelam territory and there is only 30 per cent of land to be liberated’. Such lies are used to rob Tamil expatriates in UK and Europe to augment the Tiger war chest.

EU Parliament Declaration, recommending the LTTE proscription had stated: "Tensions have been escalated by the attempted assassination of Army Commander, the assassination of the Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar and the bomb attack on the SLMM office in Batticaloa".

The Tigers have assassinated more than fifty Tamil political leaders and activists to thrust itself forward as ‘the sole representatives of the Tamil people’, a claim rebuffed by the EU.

Balasingham’s version of ‘low intensity war’ evidently means the cowardly claymore mine attacks mounted against the security forces and the suicidal bomb attacks on political leaders, while the Tiger leader is securely hiding in a Wanni bunker.

In whatever form presented by the terrorist ideologue, terrorism as professed by the LTTE, is being repulsed by the civilized world as is evident by the EU proscription on LTTE. -By Stanley Weerasinghe


May 25, 2006 - Posted by | Media Journalism, News and politics, South Asia, World News

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