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Oh! So innocent you are, Mr Tiger!

Catapult Thangavelu on the Kappang Highway

Oh! No! How could you have been so horrible! Don’t they know that you are such a gentle, majestic creature?

Who said that you have committed all the atrocities that the vicious press, the Government of Sri Lanka and all those elements that are opposed to your clean, friendly and highly laudable liberation struggle on behalf of the Tamils of Sri Lanka are heaping on you? Even the European Union has misbehaved blaming you for all the sins of terror and horror of child conscription and a lot more of the activities that belong to the legions of the devils.

The same goes for Canada where you have so many “highly reputable” friends, and Britain too where your standard is held aloft by Anthony Bala and ever loving affectionate Adele! Dr Poopalapillai of Batticaloa was last seen in the Himalayas on a pilgrimage to beseech God to protect the Sri Lankan species of Tigers. Nehru Guna is on his way to Kataragama! And ex-M.P Nallur’s infamous Thiruchelvam, wonder whether a relative of Thamilchelvam, is all over the cyberspace singing feline praises. With such friends, how could you have, Mr Tiger!

One is gratified that you have the courage to deny all those atrocities heaped on you. Whatever happened, whatever is happening and whatever will be happening in the days to come like massacre of innocent civilians, families, farmers and others; kidnapping of children, sending young women out on suicide missions and countless other terror activities ought not to be pointed at you.

The UNP could have done it! CIA could have done it! Indian RAW could have done it! And why not the KGB, KFC and Encyclopaedia Britannica; even Tom and Jerry in partnership for a change!

You have, Mr Tiger, very honourable friends – the Colombo elite, the rich Tamil Diaspora in the civilized western world, Jayantha Gnanakone and a Seneviratne chap Down Under, aid agencies, and Scandinavian politicians and there are even American officials in Washington who would do anything to preserve you as an entity of great consequence – all great men? Even the Tamil elected Members of Parliament pay humble obeisance to you. Incidentally, one of them is reported missing, last seen walking into Palk Straits!

You have wealth that was heaped on you by the Tamil Diaspora with all the warmth and affection they have for you. You have efficient collectors and campaigners who worship you as a mighty power?

No, no, you could not have killed the 12 villagers who were retuning to their homes after a hard day’s work. Not long ago some strange men were sighted in the area. May be they came from another world; they looked like little boys and spoke in squeaky voices.

No, no, no; you have no plans to commit any massacres today; not even tomorrow and never in the future. The culprits who want to discredit you have no stripes, no claws but some shady characters that want to blame you for everything.

Incidentally you surely can throw some light on how Alfred Duryappah was killed. Was it accidental that Prabhakaran was shooting wild pigeons at Ponnalai when a bird pellet took a curve and went straight to Duryappah? How was Amirthalingam killed? You could not have, because he gave birth to you and Mrs Amirthalingam did the nourishing part. Their hands rocked your cradle. Some son of a gun rocked their lives!

You could not have had all those people killed in such violent forms. It was Lord Yama who had destined that way. No, no, not you Mr Tiger.

They say some people kid others into believing certain unbelievables! No, no, not you Mr Tiger. You spared Dr Jeevan Hoole. That was mighty great of you. You spared the arch communalist Junius Jayawardene.You even carried out his wishes. He needed you and you needed him.

Look at Wanni where you care for so many kids and young people in so many orphanages – an intensity of orphan homes for a small area like Wanni found nowhere in the world, and every child employed and empowered with the power of destiny over others! Even young women who have lost their parents are being cared by you and offered the chance to die with dignity if living with honour is beyond them.

Look at the petty illiterates who have been given places of great importance in the Wanni administration. While a person with some responsible duties in Washington needs to have spent some time in such universities as Harvard and Stanford, the Tiger bigwigs in Wanni need only to scrub the barbershop floor for a year or two to become your international spokesperson provided of course he can handle a pistol.

No, no, no Mr Tiger! You do not commit any atrocities.

And you even stay holed 39 feet below the ground, deeper than a Canadian groundhog, Indian peruchali (bandicoot), British mole, Norwegian skunk and a host of under realms creatures. So afraid you are, how can you cause terror to others?

Everybody else are to be blamed; not you, certainly not you.


June 1, 2006 - Posted by | Media Journalism, News and politics, South Asia, World News

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