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Well done, Mr. President, for banning the film Da Vinci Code. The Roman Catholics requested something and you promptly complied with. It is the Sinhala Buddhist way of showing respect to others, outsiders and guests more than to our own people. We have been so for centuries – an innate quality of being considerate to others.

But the time has come to respect our own people and religion, too, for we have for centuries overdone this act of loving kindness for others and neglected ourselves. The time has come to re-learn the Great Dhamma, which this land holds sacred.

Banning something that hurts a section of society must indeed give you a sense inner of happiness. Now, ban the rest of the practices and things that hurt our nation. Remember the five precepts at all times and guide the people to practice the precepts at all times.

’95 Ban the slaughter of cattle immediately.

’95 Ban the manufacture and sale of alcohol.

’95 Ban all X-rated rubbishy (films) shown in cinemas right across the country.

’95 Ban all vulgarity on television — the semi-nude gyrating bodies of women, unclothed and semi-clothed women and scenes of couples doing things they should be doing in private — not in front of the camera!

’95 Ban pornography in all forms immediately, to prevent rape of women and children.

`95 Ban karaoke bars, night clubs, casinos, massage parlours and brothels and deport prostitutes from the Far East and East European countries forthwith and

`95 Close down and ban zoos where animals are imprisoned horribly; display animals in beautiful and natural settings.

Let us present a unique country and people to the world — a place where tourists of a different sort will find relaxation — living even for a few days in a culture that is pure, renewing and healthy.

Indeed, it is time to revamp tourism in Sri Lanka. Let the rest of the world cater to people who wish to get drunk, eat chunks of meat, have sex, go to casinos etc. Let us be a haven to the decent, vegetarians and teetotallers of the world, interested in experiencing the Buddhist way of life, the Dhamma and our culture. The world is moving towards vegetarianism.

Follow Singapore’s Sentosa Island. Create more museums and places of interest around sites visited by local and foreign tourists, with restaurants and souvenirs shops. Recreate our history with life-sized human models with recorded commentaries, etc. as in Sentosa Island. Have more parks and outdoor activities. Let there be galleries in all strategic places displaying Buddhist sayings and scriptures in many languages in a beautiful and peaceful setting.

Let us share the joy of goodness with the world.

By A Mother


June 6, 2006 - Posted by | Media Journalism, South Asia, World News

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