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Oslo Declaration of the LTTE: A document of deceit and duplicity

Satchi Sithananthan in Oslo

[Anyone reading through the communiqué issued by the LTTE in Oslo this morning (June 10. 2006) can see that this terrorist outfit is skirting on the periphery of making a unilateral declaration of independence in respect of 70% of the northern and eastern provinces.]

Evidently, the LTTE delegation already had a document to issue along with a pre-prepared statement to explain why they did not wish to participate in the sessions arranged by the Royal Norwegian Government. It was an extreme example of devious and deceitful trickery, a practice that is very much ingrained in the psyche of the LTTE.

Even Erik Solheim who has carried the LTTE on his shoulders, changed their disgusting nappies, sung lullabies and nourished and nurtured these bandits in recent years and identified as a dear friend of Su Pa Thamilselvan, the current terror autocrat of the LTTE said in Oslo this morning (10 June 2006) that the LTTE should take responsibility of the failed talks. He said he was surprised at the action of the LTTE. He went on to say that his country was studying the future actions that could be taken regarding the situation. President Mahinda Rajapakse must tell him, thank you very much Mr Solheim, and now please vamoose from our affairs; now and forthwith.

One can construe and figure out that not even Erik Solheim was aware that the LTTE delegation arrived in Oslo with this communiqué and statement ready to be issued and the LTTE website Tamilnet was ready to cyberspace it. If Solheim did even have some suspicion about it, he must acknowledge it openly. He owes it to the people of Sri Lanka – Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims and others, the Royal Norwegian Government and the people of Norway. He cannot be a party to the trickery of the LTTE. A more detailed reaction from Solheim is appropriate and remains appropriate.

The statement made by Su Pa Thamilselvan and the long communiqué issued by him on behalf of the LTTE, all of which appeared in the Tamilnet website indicates the adage fooling all the people all the time and believing that this could be sustained for ever.

Fooling all the people all the time has been possible because Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe was extremely foolish to sign a Ceasefire Agreement with a gang of criminals who never intended to honour it. These criminals, determined to create a mafia state, only wanted some foothold in some region or other and enjoy the privilege of not being chased out, the way it happened to them in Jaffna.

From then on they exploited the kind of corruption that exists among the Sri Lankan bureaucrats and possibly even the armed forces to their advantage. They had vast funds at their disposal to buy off some people and did that even in Norway. The LTTE also has highly trained and active underworld operatives in Colombo linked to many cities in the west with their agents. A number of these agents came under the umbrella of the World Tamil Movement.

In Canada there is a strong belief that a young woman was sent to assassinate Ananda Sangaree early last year but she strayed away from the LTTE and became involved with a gangster group involved in credit card fraud and counterfeit currency. She may have been one of those involved in the assassination attempt on the life of President Chandrika Kumaranatunge.

As if Ranil Wickremasinghe’s folly was not sufficient, President Mahinda Rajapakse is bending too much backward to accommodate the wishes of people like Erik Solheim to overlook his topmost priority, and that is law and order in the country. One gets the tragic impression that even after fifty years of independence whatever a white man says, even a person like Erik Solheim, has clout and not the legitimate wishes of the people of Sri Lanka.

Anyone reading through the communiqué issued by the LTTE in Oslo this morning (June 10. 2006) can see that this terrorist outfit is skirting on the periphery of making a unilateral declaration of independence in respect of 70% of the northern and eastern provinces. Of course Thamilselvan, Nadesan and Pulidevan are not capable of writing one sentence in English properly but reading through the document, it should be clear to anybody that these people arrived in Oslo with this document in their pockets and went through pre-determined motions to scuttle the plans made by the Royal Norwegian Government on some pretext or other.

It is time Sri Lanka and the International Community concerned with the crisis in Sri Lanka begin to understand the role of Su Pa Thamilselvan. There is now a feeling that for some reason or other Velupillai Prabhakaran has been cast on the sidelines. This may have been facilitated by the role played by Erik Solheim himself and his relationship with Thamilselvan. Evidently Solheim was naive and unsuspecting and if that were true, he was quite foolish and most unfit to have handled such an awesome responsibility.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that it was Thamilselvan who has masterminded all the brutal killings under cover of civilians in the north and east. As we have said again and again in our columns, the killers were handpicked by Thamilselvan and sent to regions outside Wanni as political workers allowed under the CFA and they carried out a number of brutal killings as if the armed forces and the EPDP had done those and the people reacted to them. Until these so-called political workers began to carry out their predetermined plans, the personnel of the armed forces and the local people coexisted amicably and there were even some inter-racial marriages totally frowned upon by the LTTE.

All that Thamilselvan wanted was a communal bloodbath even worse than July 1983 with thousands of Tamils killed so that the LTTE could harvest worldwide sympathy especially from the Tamil Diaspora. Even as a youngster Thamilselvan, who began life cleaning the debris in his father’s barbershop in Chavakacheri, took fancy for the pistol and admired the brutality with which Prabhakaran carried out his killings.

He was handling guns by the time he was nine years old and soon became the leader of the pistol gang that terrorized the northern community for some time. A virtual illiterate in the academic sense, all his education was how human life could be destroyed and in that he began to dream of power for himself. He is a sick man, an utter maniac and should be promptly taken before a court and sent to the rightful place.

It is an insult to the Tamil community to have him considered as a leader. After all it is the LTTE that denied the Tamils many great leaders and even prevented Dr Jeevan Hoole from becoming the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna. Instead, it is forcing on the community a man like Thamilselvan. If this is not a terrible tragedy for any community, what else is


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