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Return home Mr Mangala Samaraweera and get to brass tacks

[It is apparent both the Government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are cheating the people of Sri Lanka, and Norway provides an excellent continuing cover for it. However, it is evident to Sri Lankans in the country and overseas that neither the LTTE nor the government wants to solve the ethnic crisis. Every day people are dying, many innocent folks and families brutally massacred. The country’s precious young people are being abused most outrageously and ministers of the state are flying all over the world saying that they are seeking solutions while the answer and the action to achieve what is so urgently needed are in Sri Lanka itself.] The Silent Majority of the Tamil Diaspora is getting quite irked and irritated at the continuous reports flowing from Sri Lanka about such statements as the country’s “foreign minister on Monday criticized the island nation’s Tamil rebels for spurning peace talks in Oslo last week,” and even worse such threadbare chorus as “Sri Lanka’s civil war between government forces and the Tigers began in 1983, and claimed more than 65,000 lives before the 2002 cease-fire. Peace talks have stalled over the sides blaming each other for increasing violence.”And we have the report that the Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera met his Norwegian counterpart Jonas Gahr Stoere on Monday (June 12, 2006) and was to meet Aid Minister Erik Solheim, as well as other officials, lawmakers and business leaders. He was also having an audience with King Harald.” Good for him, a man who has probably created a new world record in air miles within a short period of time; and more to go perhaps.The problem in Sri Lanka is the ethnic crisis and from the time it was shot into the arena of constant contention over the Sinhala Only Act of 1958, fifty years in two years, the country has steadily rolled towards anarchy and in the process helped to breed the world’s most brutal terror outfit. During this period there was also a deadly uprising led by the Jatika Vimukti Peramuna. This was put down by a state machinery that was utterly ruthless helped by some countries that gave immediate support. Thousands of Sinhala young people perished in this horrendous adventure. These southern insurrectionists and northern terrorists have now together amassed a death toll of thousands of lives aided amply by the state forces with their extra-judicial killings. The southern insurrection was caused by economic factors where successive Sri Lankan governments have failed while the northern terrorism was caused by communal discrimination that has no place in a country watered by four great religions of the world and a rich heritage of Indian origin.As if human atrocities in Sri Lanka were not enough, nature itself took a terrible toll December 26, 2004. Even when tsunami affected thousands of people showing no favour whatsoever to any particular community, the country could not rise above petty and paltry differences and help those affected by the terror from the oceans. It became evident a few monsters took control and among them corruption, deceit and exploitation of the suffering people were the lead ones. But for some unsung heroes from the little people, the country was exposed as one without a leader of substantial status. Even with the ethnic crisis, the country has no one to take a firm stand and say, “this far and no further” and get to brass tacks and solve the problem. How would Mangala Samaraweera having audience with a Viking king help our people?In turns, Erik Solheim is visiting Wanni and Samaraweera is visiting Oslo! What a charade and what an abysmal cheat and sham! And families and individuals are being massacred and often brutally in Sri Lanka. These are Sri Lankan folks who are being killed by Sri Lankan folks and, as if this is not enough, Pakistani weapons are being readied to kill Sri Lankan folks by Sri Lankan folks. How long is this tragedy going to be pursued? The solution to Sri Lanka’s problems is in the country and there is an element of regional strength with a powerful neighbour like India. India has been very helpful to Sri Lanka in many ways but Sri Lanka has not been sufficiently appreciative of it. It appears the Sri Lankans have not yet shaken off the penchant for the White Man and he seems still a kind of king if not god himself.While most members of the Tamil Diaspora do not support or subscribe to the LTTE and would love to see this terror outfit crushed – and the Wanni terrorists are aware of it – they cannot understand or discern why Sri Lanka that was quick to pass communal legislation directed against the minority communities especially the Tamils in the style of an AK47 rapid fire, are unable to reach out to one activity that will neutralize the Tamil Tigers once and for all. There is a fear among the Tamil Diaspora that both the LTTE and the Government of Sri Lanka are some kind of bedfellows and each needs the other. The conclusion indeed is frightening!The Tamil Tigers do not want a solution to the ethnic crisis; they want a mafia state that could soon envelop the whole country because corruption is so rampant. The Sri Lankan government does not want to solve the ethnic problem and instead ensure that the Tamil community is left to the wills and wiles of the LTTE who will, if not checked, make them become history in the country.In all these, flirting with Norway will help with the delaying tactics. Norway evidently is a proxy to some force that is outside Sri Lanka and the country has bonded with the LTTE so effectively, Norway will stand firm with the Sri Lankan interests but favouring the interests of the terrorists.So powerful and confident LTTE is with Norway, the terror outfit makes its demands from Norway and they have their man in Erik Solheim to oblige. Sri Lanka on the other hand, begs from Norway and this is absolutely weird and outlandish. -Satchi Sithananthan 


June 13, 2006 - Posted by | Media Journalism, News and politics, South Asia, World News

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