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Don’t cry for Kebettigollewa; the government wants to remain ineffective, insensitive, and ingrained in a culture of violence

 (Kebettigollewa should never have been; would never have been. But that is the horrendous price Sri Lankans are continuing to pay because successive governments have not respected the rights of Tamils and Muslims as equal citizens of the country. While the majority Sinhalese has the power to solve the ethnic crisis, the Tamils, because of their numbers and the government continuing to consider the LTTE as their representatives, have rendered them helpless.)

Also, all that Sri Lanka has developed since independence is a culture of violence and this has been strengthened with sheer and utter corruption and both the bureaucracy and the government stand guilty of it. It appears the government is far contented to depend on foreign exchange that comes from slavery of its own helpless women under terrible conditions in the Middle East than to seek the support of the Tamil Diaspora, a force crucial to the country’s development.]

A Colombo statement from Sri Lanka’s Peace Secretariat today (June 19, 2006) says that the Government of Sri Lanka has appealed to the Tamil Tiger rebels to resume stalled peace talks before the country descends into full-scale war. This statement from an organization that oversees the peace process indicates that it wants to "engage the LTTE (rebels) in talks so as to address the root causes of the conflict that may have contributed to it take to arms and the path of terrorism."

If not dim and dour how dense such a statement is, in the light of Tiger terrorism that was nurtured over the years by Sinhala racism and Buddhist bigotry overlooking the rights of a sector of the Sri Lankan community with both terrorism and racism being fueled by each other? The utter naivety of the statement is emphasized by the words, "….. address to the root causes that MAY have contributed ….." How can the Peace Secretariat people be so moronic?

Has it not entered into the heads of the powers that be that the LTTE do not represent the Tamils just as much as the large majority of the Sinhalese people are not racists and chauvinists.

Successive governments have shown that they do not have the guts and courage to tackle the racists and the terrorists, hampered as they are by downright corruption that prevails amidst the ruling sectors; the tsunami tragedy not only exposed all these but even showed that obligations, compassion and empathy have been drained out of the people who manage the country’s affairs.

This corruptive cancer has created a culture of violence and the communal issue that has now been preserved as a perpetual peril, is its major supporting factor.

It is strange that the Peace Secretariat is not aware, even after thirty years of bitter and bloody communal confrontations, the root causes of the conflict and even worse, as to who the Tigers are but a band of malicious mafia-crazed bandits who are feeding on the meat to which the ferocious felines have consigned the Tamil community.

Surely, the Government of Sri Lanka must by now at least be aware that the LTTE has been preparing the Tamils to be lambs to the slaughter and that process has been activated now. And who are these Norwegian facilitators? They are a failed lot because they unashamedly teamed up with the devils of carnage, convenient to help with the delaying tactics of the government in respect of the real issue that affects the country.

It is the government that must come with a solution to the ethnic problem. This attempt to talk to the Tigers is akin to the government joining forces to ensure that the Tamils become history in Sri Lanka.

The best way – and indeed the only way – to retaliate to Tiger terror is for the Government of Sri Lanka to have the courage to come with an appropriate solution to the ethic crisis. As a starter they should implement the Rajiv-Gandhi-Junius Jayawardene Peace Accord of 1987 without any further delay.

While the government utters its habitual dull, dry, dreary and droning unproductive chorus of talking to the Tigers that takes no one anywhere except to parade globally in Oslo and Geneva and other places, LTTE’s Political Commissar is fanning fire and fear in Wanni very much like an unbridled fanatic of terror.

From Wanni comes the statement that the Tigers would resort to any strategy, including suicide bombers, if all out civil war resumes, and that the effects would be felt across the island. The Tigers have a regiment of young women, who have been from their adolescent years trained to give up their lives on missions of terror.

When such people as Su Pa Thamilselvan manage Wanni, a maniac who will not hesitate to kill both friends and foes, the government must make sure that he does not carry out his Hitlerian outrages, and Kebettigollewa is one of them. The Sri Lankan government should seek as a matter of top priority the means of liberating these young women and hundreds of children who are in the grip of Tiger terror in Wanni.

Inefficient as they are to handle such operations, corruption being a major factor that contributes to it, it is obvious they should seek the help of India and bring the LTTE to its knees. But before that the government must assure the Tamils, Sri Lanka’s neighbour and a big power in the region and the international community that it will solve the ethnic crisis adequately and suitably.

If the government continues to prevaricate, horrors that were let loose in Kebettigollewa will become regular tragedies that will affect all the communities.

How can we cry for Kebettigollewa when the government continues from where its predecessor left, as has been the pattern since 1958, to be ineffective, insensitive and ingrained in the Culture of Violence that has trapped the people of Sri Lanka? –By Satchi Sithananthan


June 20, 2006 - Posted by | Media Journalism, News and politics, South Asia, World News

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