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Peyattam in Parliament, the Tamil version of Thovil

Eelavendhan and Gajendran, the Prabhakaran-ordered Wanni-determined MPs in Sri Lanka’s Parliament at Kotte-Sri Jaywardenapura chose the occasion of paying respects to the Kebettigollewa dead to be abusive towards those who wished to express such sentiments. Such a gesture, no doubt would have been quite consoling to the near and dear ones of those who were mercilessly and brutally massacred. It is a pity Eelavendhan and Gajendran could not rise up to such an occasion as human beings.

May be the JVP group leader Wimal Weerawansa, intending to make a bit of mileage out of a terrible tragedy, carried his emotions a bit too far in phrasing his proposal for a minute’s silence but that should have been totally ignored and that’s what every member present there did including the rest of the LTTE lap pets, the TNA MPs.

It was at this point some JVP MPs began to make an issue out of it, another unfortunate development in the august assembly. Some years ago, the JVP itself was responsible for some of the most brutal killings in the south and led a reign of terror.

Their history too is quite tainted with violence and even today on the ethnic issue, they have not arisen to the needs of the country to be statesmen. They have manacled President Mahinda Rajapakse in his search for a solution.

Like two groups of delinquents with one reformed a bit and the other rolling heavily into the mire, the assembly chambers became an arena of devil dancing. Of course, in this the TNA MPs are experts. It was not long ago they had a mock funeral parade and this time it is thovil, rather peyattam.

Fortunately there were no encores; instead they were asked to get back to their seats by other members and the Speaker W J M Lokubandara. But that was of no avail. When it was evident that all the TNA MPs were determined to make a spectacle of it in the well of the House and were gyrating towards a crescendo, the Speaker promptly adjourned the House.

Perhaps Wanni will decide for them as to what they should do next in Parliament. It is possible Prabhakaran may ask one of them to take on the garb of a suicide bomber. If he has that intention, and very likely too, none of the suits he has in Wanni will fit any of the TNA MPs.

They were specially made for young ladies. He may get one specially made appropriate for an older lady to use. Anything can come from Wanni if horrendous violence is what the Tigers are committed to, in their pursuit to create a mafia state.

What indeed has happened to the Paradise Land of the East?

By Martin Singarayar


June 21, 2006 - Posted by | Media Journalism, News and politics, South Asia, World News

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