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Let’s forget Rajiv; we need your help : Balasingham begs India…

After fifteen years of his killing, the Gandhi family received another note of condolence for late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi from the killer himself. The "Doctor of Terror", Anton Balasingham the so called chief negotiator of the LTTE expressed his sincere condolences to India on behalf his "Naughty boy", Terror chief Velupillai Prabhakaran during an interview in a TV channel on Tuesday the 27th of June.

"As far as that event is concerned…I would say it is a great tragedy… a monumental historical tragedy… which we deeply regret, and we call upon the government of India and people of India to be magnanimous to put the past behind…" – Balasingham

Although the above statement of Balasingahm is very much disappointing for the terror sympathizing media people who always waited happily till LTTE claims the responsibility for their crimes; the LTTE leadership has decided it is much wiser at this moment to admit responsibility at least for this single crime.

It is evident that the LTTE leadership desperately wants the Indian people to forget and forgive the "naughty boy" once cajoled by them for behaving so badly. I won’t do it to you again, but please help me to continue with my terrorism in  Sri Lanka; the "naughty boy" seems to beg form India.

"We have made pledges to the government of India that under no circumstance will we act against the interests of the government of India." – Balasingham

Obviously not at this moment, the LTTE knows that the whole world is getting lined up against terrorism. Hence, Prabhakaran wants to convince the Indian government, that he is the "sole representative" of Tamils in Sri Lanka only and never in Thamilnadu;  He needs only his Elam and that he has on interest what so  ever in Tamilnadu. He further assures the Indian government  that he will confine his terrorism to Sri Lanka, only. Well , the Indian government can be sure about it.

It is of course very interesting to see that Prabhakaran being brave enough to admit at least a one single crime that he committed. Unlike other terrorist organizations in the world, that competes with  each other to claim the responsibility of their attacks; the LTTE leadership has never had the guts to admit it’s own deeds. Obviously , no other terrorist organization has ever done shameless crimes such as hacking pregnant women, children and unarmed civilians to death , selecting  pregnant women to be suicide cadres, choosing children as one way fighters and etc.

To conclude, it is worth quoting the editorial of the "Daily News" on 27th June 2006 for the comprehension of all peace loving people in Sri Lanka as well as India

There is one important lesson that we learn, un-learn, re-learn and sometimes forget or are forced to un-remember: the LTTE does not want peace, does not understand peace, does not know the basic principles of democracy and civilised conduct.

Let the nation and the international community understands this: no amount of international pressure, no amount of cajoling, no amount of olive-branches and no amount of suffering for the people he purports to represent will persuade a madman to drop his guns

Read thee full text of the article published on The Hindu on the aforesaid interview:

Courtesy- The Hindu

We killed Rajiv, confesses LTTE

Fifteen years after a LTTE suicide bomber killed Rajiv Gandhi in Sriperumbudur, the Tamil rebel outfit on Tuesday admitted its responsibility for the crime and delivered a public apology.

In an interview to a TV network on Tuesday, Anton Balasingham, LTTE ideologue and one of Tiger chief Velupillai Prabhakaran’s confidants, executed a major shift of policy, describing the May 21, 1991, killing of Rajiv Gandhi as "a monumental historical tragedy".

"As far as that event is concerned…I would say it is a great tragedy… a monumental historical tragedy… which we deeply regret, and we call upon the government of India and people of India to be magnanimous to put the past behind… and to approach the ethnic question in a different perspective," Balasingham said.

Asked if the LTTE could promise that it would not commit such acts again, Balasingham added Thus far, the LTTE has denied that it was responsible for the killing of Rajiv Gandhi. Reacting to the LTTE admission, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh said: "It’s good that after so many years they (LTTE) have admitted to having killed Rajiv Gandhi.

For India, it was a national tragedy because Rajiv Gandhi was the most popular leader of his time. Now the question is of fixing responsibility for the crime."

In another interview, minister of state for external affairs Anand Sharma said it would be impossible to put the past behind, as Balasingham suggested, because India had "rule of law" and it could not be seen to be condoning the politics of violence by rehabilitating the LTTE.

The belated LTTE admission of guilt has less to do with genuine remorse than the compulsion to drive a wedge between India and Sri Lanka, say analysts who have followed the LTTE for years.

At this point, the Tigers’ interest would lie in preventing the growing convergence between India and the Lankan government, particularly in the defence sector, which has ramped up Sri Lankan capability, especially against the LTTE.

Balasingham reminded everyone of the fact that India had initially trained the LTTE, asking it to return to a more active role.

The LTTE statement comes as the outfit finds itself with virtually no friends, especially after the European Union banned it last month. -MoD Sri Lanka


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