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Fresh battle rages in Jaffna

  • Air force pounds rebel targets
  • Curfew declared in Jaffna, civilians flee
  • TamilNet claims LTTE aircraft hits Palaly base

Heavy fighting erupted in Jaffna last evening as the LTTE launched a massive attack on the military just hours after the air force jets bombed and destroyed the LTTE’s main eastern base in Tharavikulam and two other camps, military sources said.

They said initially the LTTE started shelling artillery rounds at the Nagarakovil Forward Defence Line (FDL) around 5.45 pm.

“Then they started to attack Muhamalai, Meesalai and Kodikamam FDLs,” a senior military official said.

Tiger military spokesman Irasaiah Ilanthirayan told TamilNet that civilian sources in Jaffna reported seeing at least one aircraft flying over the Sri Lankan military complex in Palaly around 9:30 pm launching rocket attacks.

“We will use our soldiers, sailors and airmen in an all out defensive measure to protect our people and homeland,” Mr. Ilanthirayan said.

He accused the military of launching a massive offensive in Muhamalai last evening and in the process disregarding the safety of innocent civilians in the area.

“Like what they did in Trincomalee the government has begun a massive offensive by attacking our positions at Muhamalai and in the process they also attacked innocent civilians in the area,” Mr. Illentheriyan told the Daily Mirror last evening.

“The military operation began at about 17.45 pm with thousands of troops attacking us and it has been going on since then. The military is using heavy weapons and our cadres are also hitting back very hard,” Mr. Illantheriyan said by telephone amid sounds of loud explosions.

Denying the LTTE allegation the Media Center for National Security said the Tigers initially attacked our forces with mortars and artillery in Nagarkovil and Muhamalai”. Earlier in the evening, air force kfir jets bombed several LTTE bases in Batticaloa, including the Tharavikulam and Karadiyanaru bases.

The Military sources said that nearly 100 LTTE cadres were reportedly killed due to the bombing.

They said the air attack was carried out for the purpose of securing the areas surrounding Mawil Aru.

LTTE peace secretariat head S. Pulidevan said during the aerial bombardment, the airforce bombed one of our bases.

“There are heavy casualties, but I don’t have the details,” he said

Meanwhile the police imposed a curfew from 7:00 pm in Jaffna and there were no details available about the casualties on both sides. Meanwhile LTTE radio urged civilians in and around Muhamalai to vacate the area as fighting intesifies. -Daily Mirror


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