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SL to be a global Open Source Software Hub by 2012

The Lanka Software Foundation has marked 2012 as the year Sri Lanka will be a competent centre for free and Open Source software. This was announced by Mano Sekaram Director of the foundation at the recently held FOSS Enterprise Conference at the WaterEdge Battaramulla.

The conference tagged "Opening the Door to Open Source" was designed to be a business enterprise’s perspective to free and open source software.

Mano Sekaram said that if Sri Lanka has to be on the world map in the IT sector it has to be known for something. He said that India is known for the outsourcing, Israel for their expertise in security software, Ireland for their packaged software and China for this manufacturing of low cost hardware. There fore he says Sri Lanka is now in the best position to work towards competence of being a global open source resources hub.

The first step he says towards this is to build a market within Sri Lanka and the best way to do this is to see that more and more SriLankan enterprises start using FOSS and localize it by using solutions around it.

He also said that another of the goals of the Lanka Software Foundation is that they want to encourage SriLankan enterprises into the path of good governance and to be good corporate citizens. He said that Sri Lanka must be known as a country that respects copy rights and not piracy.

Speaking to an audience of Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers of leading Sri Lankan Enterprise gathered for the conference Mr. Sekaram said if Sri Lankan industry had to grow IT penetration was needed and every industry had the challenge – "how do you get the best return on investment, the question always is how do we lower cost without degrading performance?" The answer he says is free and open source software as it is a performance enhancing software.

Professor Samaranayake the Chairman of ICTA who also spoke at FOSS Enterprise took the opportunity to stress to the business community to foster Sri Lankan talent. "We in Sri Lanka have the talent there is no question about it, in fact we are not second to any when it comes to it. But the business community wants to take the easy way out because buying and selling is much easier than producing and selling – so we are almost very good at wrecking the future of a local product by importing something and selling it." The IT professor said.



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