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Rao no Dixit, but let this be said!

By Surjan Singh Khalsa
Pau, Ludhiana, India

Please allow me to educate Nirupama Rao and Indians living in Sri Lanka on some issues that have most educated Sri Lankans throwing their hands up in despair and anger these days. Anura Bandaranaike was correct in many ways despite the undiplomatic language he used. I don’t usually defend what politicians say. However unpalatable what Mr. Anura Bandaranaike said or however undiplomatic it was, he spoke a few harsh truths.  We need to remind Indians about it.

There are issues that bother me about India’s behaviour towards Sri Lanka and within as well.

India armed, trained and financed the Tigers. Anura Bandaranaike spoke the truth in a historical context. India created this curse for Sri Lanka.

I am sad to say that India’s ruling class Brahmins are suffering from amnesia.  Ms Rao should read Subramanian Swamy’s book "Boys to men";

Indian diplomutts should be reminded of the duplicitous role played by the Union Government and the Tamil Nadu governments in perpetrating terrorist acts on Sri Lanka soil since the 1980s. 

I strongly feel as an ardent admirer of the spirit and pride of the Khalsa, that certain comparisons must be made to enlighten you and the Indian people on the parallel tragedies in Punjab and Sri Lanka. 

1.  Mrs Gandhi launched an unnecessary attack on the sacred Golden Temple in Amritsar. This galvanized the anti-Indian separatist Khalistani movement.

Mrs Gandhi, her son and Congress made a mess in Punjab at one time by meddling in state politics. They encouraged radical groups to destablise the Akali Dal-led state government. This led to the creation of a radical separatist rebel named Bindranwale and the Khalistani movement. Mrs Gandhi committed sacrilege by raiding the holy Golden Temple in 1984. She lost her life because of that raid. Her murder led to the wholesale massacre of hundreds , if not thousands of innocent Sikhs in riots in Delhi and other areas. The Indian government quelled the terrorist separatist movement in Punjab with an iron fist. Human rights were violated and hundreds were killed in battles between state forces and the Khalistani rebels. India did not care about international concerns or human rights violations or anything for that matter because it knew it had to do what it had to do.

2.  It culminated in her assassination. This perpetrated heinous attacks on innocent Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India in 1984.  Most of the goon squads which massacred Sikhs were government- orchestrated gangs, including some Congress (I) politicians. 

3. This was akin to the heinous attacks on innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka in 1983 by UNP-led goon squads.

4. Both led to mass support for terrorist groups and mushrooming independence movements.

5. Citing "humanitarian concerns for Tamils", India armed, trained and financed the Tigers to destabilize Sri Lanka because of its own security concerns, and, above all, the paranoia of the Gandhi family which saw Sri Lanka move away from its political orbit in the early 1980s. 

6. India used all means, including draconian laws, assassinations, summary executions, wholesale round-up of Khalistani terrorist suspects and finally brought peace to Punjab, but it prevented Sri Lanka from liberating terrorist- occupied lands.

7. India violated all international conventions by threatening and violating Sri Lankan airspace, ostensibly to help Tamil civilians.

8.  India did not want its influence in Sri Lanka to wane. It intervened and sent a so-called Indian Peace Keeping Force just when the Sri Lankan military began to win the war against Tigers. Rest of that chapter is best left to the Indian Viceroy Dixit to relate to Indian soldiers who lost their lives later fighting the group they helped create. Sounds familiar? Please recall Bindranwale and the Khalistani movement was originally created and supported by the Congress (I) government in order to defeat the Akali Dal state legislature in Punjab. Bindranwale bit the hand that created it, just like the Tigers.

9. India now says it does not negotiate with terrorists. India orders Sri Lanka to negotiate with terrorists. It prevents it from getting help from friendly nations to fight terrorism. It failed to help Sri Lanka in 2000 by shamelessly encouraging the Sri Lankan military to withdraw from Jaffna. Thanks to Sri Lanka’s traditional friends in S. Asia, the military prevailed, and

10.  India says zero tolerance for terrorist acts, but prevents the Sri Lanka’s democratically elected government from retaliating against terrorist attacks. You say you have the right to fight terrorism by any means necessary ,but not Sri Lanka.

As you know, appeasing racist, fascist terrorist organizations, like the Tigers will not work.  They only have one act and one goal. When will India end its duplicitous conduct? When will India’s central government apologize to Sri Lanka through its High Commissioner for creating, arming and training a ruthless terrorist group?

 Madam Rao, it will go a long way towards healing the wounds India helped create and it will go a long way towards restoring India’s credibility as a regional superpower if you acknowledge your past sins and arrogant behaviour towards Sri Lanka. You see Madam High Commissioner, we Sri Lankans don’t have an eloquent laureate like Arundathi Roy to condemn the United States for its behaviour and its role in creating terrorism. We cannot afford her self-righteous luxury she displays from the cocktail circuits, and speaking engagements in the USA (for which she gets paid very good American money) by self-loathing New York liberals terrorist-appeaser Americans who have no clue about India’s vicious role in perpetrating terrorism in Sri Lanka. I humbly request you to end your duplicitous interference in Sri Lanka’s domestic affairs.

You have shown to be a different kind of ambassador than Dixit, and kudos to you. Madam Rao, will you join Sri Lanka in condemning, without even the hint of equivocation, the daily terrorist attacks and provocations in Sri Lanka?  Will India finally help the legitimate democratically elected government of Sri Lanka fight terrorisms as they would if attacks were launched against India? A fundamental belief of Sikhism is that it is good to serve others and share the fruits of one’s labour.

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September 11, 2006 - Posted by | Media Journalism, News and politics, South Asia, World News

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