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Geneva talks for benefit of LTTE -JVP

The Geneva talks between the Government and the LTTE were arranged for the benefit of the LTTE and not of any consequence to the Government or the country. The so-called international community acts as undercover friends of the LTTE and it was a mistake to take part in the talks, the JVP said in press release on Tuesday (31).

The objectives of the LTTE and the Government of Norway were to stop the pressure exerted by the Government Armed Forces repulsing LTTE attacks, to regain the confidence of the Tamil people who have rejected the LTTE and to convince the international community that there is region demarcated under the Ceasefire Agreement as an area under the control of the LTTE, the release said.

People living in the areas under LTTE control recently defied the suppressive road blocks and open air prison camps and fled from these areas but now they have managed to overcome the problems faced by their military defeats and political setbacks by attending the talks which were only useful to them, the release noted.

It was a correct decision made by the Government delegation to refuse the LTTE demand to open the A9 road and the Government should not give attention to talks which are favourable to the LTTE but defeat terrorism and separatism.

Sri Lanka to present study at WTO

Sri Lanka will present a case study, on the subject of "Cooperation between the Public and Private Sector", at the World Tourism Organization’s 19th meeting of the Task Force to protect children from sexual exploitation in tourism.

The meeting will be held on November 6 at the Royal Air Force Club in London.

Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Board Udaya Nanayakkara will represent the country.

This Task Force meeting will feature both a thematic session on the involvement of the tourism industry in the campaign to protect children from sexual exploitation in tourism and a reporting session on related child exploitation issues.

This meeting also coincides with the World Travel Mart (WTM) which will take place in London from November 6 to 9.

The Task Force meeting will be chaired by Dr. David de Villiers, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Task Force and Special Advisor of the Secretary General World Tourism Organization.

Tourism Board sources said that it is a great opportunity given to Sri Lanka to present the case study which will bring wide publicity to tourism potential of the country among member countries of the World Tourism Organization -The Island


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