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Sri Lanka’s 59th independence day celebrations in Los Angeles

By Walter Jayawardhana


A cultural show reflecting the tropical island’s more than 2000 year old culture will be the highlight of the independence celebration the Consulate General of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka will be holding in Los Angeles.

A statement issued to the press said the Indian Ocean island’s 59th independence day celebrations will be held on Sunday 4th of February 2007 at the Japanese American National Museum at 369, East First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 at 9.30 a.m.

Organizers said exotic dances belonging to both Sinhalese and Tamil ethnic groups and music peculiar to the island’s Moslem community will be featured in the variety entertainment that will be held before a distinguished gathering including the diplomatic corps of the metropolis.

A choreographer of the ancient school of Kandyan dancing Aruni Boteju who runs a professional Sri Lankan dancing school in Santa Barbara said her students of the school will be dancing to the rhythm of drums and songs  of modern day Sri Lanka but reflecting ancient dancing methods. It will be a mixture of the ancient wisdom with modern talents Boteju further commented.

The production of Melanie Ranasinghe , another choreographer will depict more modern dancing forms of Sri Lanka.

Both choreographers will be presenting the cultural events on behalf of the Sri Lanka America Association.

Jagath Lakpriya, a male choreographer will be presenting more traditional dancing items by his  theatre group called Saptha Bhumi, on behalf of the Sri Lanka Foundation.  The dances will be of the famous Kandyan tradition.  The group associated by Sarathchandra’s daughter Kisagothami Sarathchchandra is the current producers of Maname in North America.

The Sri Lankan Tamils who are having a rich dancing tradition influenced by “Bharatha Natyam” like kolattam will be also presenting two items at the variety entertainment, Tamil Association spokesman said.

The  celebration will start by hoisting the national flag and singing the national anthem. Refreshments will be served and souvenirs will be distributed among the guests.

Source: Lanka Page



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