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JVP warns against visiting US envoy of violating Sri Lanka’s sovereignity

By Walter Jayawardhana

Making a special announcement in the Sri Lanka parliament the Marxist Janata Vimukti Peramuna warned the visting special envoy and Principal Deputy Asst. Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Steven Mann against violating the island nation’s sovereignity under any circumstance.
The party’s parliamentary group leader Wimal Weerawansa said “Western Powers” were lacking sincere intentions when they raised a hue and cry over human rights allegations against other countries when he was addressing the parliament in reference to Manns visit to Sri Lanka. Weerawansa leads the island nation’s second largest opposition group in Sri Lanka’s parliament.
Mann is visiting Sri Lanka to look into alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka in the wake of repeated requests made by some US Senators and Congressmen who have come under heavy lobbying of pro-Eelam Tamil groups directly and indirectly through other US based NGO’s.
“We are concerned about the reports we receive … the United States takes these issues very seriously,” Mann said in Sri Lanka.

“Human rights were an important part of a dialogue I had with President Rajapakse. We emphasised for a strong human rights performance on the part of the government and all of its branches,” he added.

The US Embassy stated he discussed the peace process, human rights and access to conflict areas with President Rajapaksa.

But Wimal Weerawansa charged that the US-led war in Iraq was the biggest human rights violation of the century and said, ”No attempts should be made to turn Sri Lanka into an East Timor, Southern Sudan or a Kosovo using our problems and issues as a scapegoat”.

Weerawansa said, “”Sri Lanka is our motherland. No matter how poor she is, no other country can rob her of her sovereignty,” JVP parliamentarian Weerawansa said, warning that the US special envoy and all other such envoys must acknowledge this fact.

The fire brand parliamentarian who had led an anti-war rally in front of the US embassy in Colombo before said, “”We cannot think that Western Powers have pure intentions when they raise Human Rights allegations against another country. It is an avenue to fulfill their conspiratorial neo-colonialist ambitions.”


March 10, 2007 - Posted by | News and politics

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