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To show their jets are OK SLAF jets pound three places simultaneously

By Walter Jayawardhana


Apparently as retaliatory attacks against the aerial bombardment on their main base near Colombo and prove the point that none of their aircraft were damaged by the act as claimed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir jets and Mig 27 jets simultaneously pounded on enemy positions in the island’s North Western, Northern and Eastern provinces, the Ministry of Defense said.

The attacks took place on March 26 , the day of the LTTE attack on their base and during the afternoon of March 27, it further added.

Describing the latest attacks, the Ministry of Defense said, on the 27th the Sri Lankan supersonic jets pounded on a LTTE intelligence wing base in the Northern province near Vavuniya, a Sea Tiger base in Mannar on the North Western coast, and the last hideout of the LTTE in the Eastern province jungles at Thoppigala.

The LTTE, intelligence wing base, which the Air Force claimed to have destroyed is at Kangaryam-Kulam is North of Puliyan-Kulam in the Vavuniya District bordering the rebel held area of Wanni. In Tuesday air raids the Air Force destroyed the Sea Tiger base at Sudolaipidai in North of Mannar, the Defense sources said. They added the air strike destroyed the heavy artillery guns in this camp that were being used during the last few days against the security forces.

Further describing the Tuesday attacks the Defense sources said, “The third target of this successful simultaneous air strikes launch this afternoon was the LTTE base at south of Thoppigala. Air Forces sources confirmed that the LTTE’s heavy calibre guns located in this area were completely destroyed”

Describing the retaliatory attacks immediately after the aerial attack on their main base the Ministry of Defense said, “the Air Force fighters pounded on two more pre identified LTTE bases, Monday the 26th of March.

An LTTE sea tiger base at Wellankulam in North of Mannar was destroyed at 11.00 a.m whilst another LTTE base at Thibilikulam in Mulaithivu district was destroyed at 5.00 p.m.” The Ministry of Defense further said, “ Sri Lanka Air Force confirmed that not any of it’s fighter jets were damaged due to the LTTE’s attack on Monday and these simultaneous air strikes launched this afternoon implies nothing happened to the fighting capabilities of the Air Force as it is reported on pro-LTTE web sites.”

The semi-official LTTE website, the Tamil Net claimed that the air attack on the main Sri Lanka Air Force base curtailed 40 per cent of the capability of the Air Force.

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March 28, 2007 - Posted by | International News

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