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LTTE is having six chech airplanes given by Russian mafia in exchange for drugs

By WalterJayawardhana


India’s Janatha Party President Subramaniyan Swamy in a statement said the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is possessing six dis-assembled Chech made air planes obtained from the Russian mafia in their hand.

He said the Russian Mafia provided those airplanes in exchange of narcotic trade at Palermo in the Italian province of Sicily.

He said these aircraft were shipped from Sicily to Singapore and from there to Sri Lanka’s LTTE controlled area by sea. He said the spare parts for the aircraft and fuel have been supplied by sources in Chennai.

Subramaniyan Swamy charged all this information was contained in IB reports and the Indian Central government has been sleeping over them.

The following is the rest of Swamy’s statement: “The LTTE recent demonstration of its nascent air power must alert all democratic nations to the need for an immediate response to nip this capability in the bud. The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh must get a Resolution passed at the forthcoming SAARC Meeting for a pre-emptive massive strike at all LTTE installations in Sri Lanka. But, the implementation of the Resolution should be done only after the Sri Lanka Parliament adopts the Constitutional devolution of power sought by the Tamil people.

“LTTE is a terrorist organization whose goals are harmful to India’s strategic interests. Their bonding and cooperation with ULFA, Naxalites, PWG, DK, and Maoists in Nepal make this terrorist organization anti-India in a sinister way. Hence India has a special responsibility.

“The LTTE has also many ‘sleepers’ within the Indian establishment. “The DMK, PMK, and MDMK are unashamed torch bearers of this terrorist organization. Even within the Congress Party, there are some prominent facilitators for the LTTE. The ‘loud’ silence of the Congress top leadership on the demand for extradition of Prabhakaran for facing trial in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination is a ominous indicator of this facilitation.”


March 29, 2007 - Posted by | International News

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