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Norway attacks critic and not criticsm to save Eric Solheim


By Walter Jayawardhana

Norway’s foreign Ministry has attempted to attack Norwegian citizen Falk Rune Rovik, an outstanding critic of Norway’s extremely unpopular peace brokerage in Sri Lanka by a self-contradictory personal attack on the critic.

Leaving much of the criticism of Rovik aside and using Aften Posten, a web newspaper the foreign ministry of Norway has said Rovik is a convicted murderer but found insane ten years ago, kept under detention for treatment and released after a clean bill of health.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry is very upset over Rovik’s statement that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) stole thousands of Norwegian passports and sold them to various groups including the Al-Queda. But in their attack on Rovik they did not deny it. Rovik made these allegations at a Toronto public lecture and reported by this correspondent in various websites and Colombo’s Daily News.

The Norwegian claim has been broadcast through BBC’s Sandeshaya by Priyath Liyanage, an enthusiastic supporter of Norway’s diplomatic maneuvering in Sri Lanka.

Under insanity laws no person could be convicted of any crime since the person committing the crime does not have any criminal intent, an essential ingredient of a crime.

By declaring its critic as a convicted criminal the Norwegian foreign ministry has attempted to deceive the Sri Lankan people and pull some wool over their eyes.

After telling a big lie that he was convicted for a crime the BBC Sandeshaya says he is insane. But the Norwegian newspaper says he was released after treatment for the disease and after he was fully recovered.

Aftern Posten said, “Rovik shot and killed the owner of an Oslo restaurant in 1997 but was ruled insane and sentenced to 10 years preventive detention. He was declared healthy in 1998 and released.” Accordingly he never committed a crime and now very sane after treatment.

The truth is under conditions of a disease he was suffering he killed somebody. So, he was detained and treated for ten years and released after it was found that he was no longer suffering from the illness.

BBC’s Sandeshaya with the connivance of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry has attempted to make defamatory statements against Rovik, probably with the intention of silencing him.

The role of Eric Solheim, even without the criticism of Rovik, has been not very popular. According to Foreign Ministry sources in Sri Lanka he was entrusted of preparing a balanced ceasefire agreement by the then Sri Lanka government. But instead what he did was secretly and deceptively giving over his work to be done by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’s Anton Balasingham and other close friends of Prabhakaran. An overenthusiastic, inexperienced and gullible Ranil Wickremesinghe rushed in to sign the Ceasefire Agreement prepared by the LTTE. Actually what Prabhakaran signed was a Ceasefire Agreement virtually prepared by them, deceptively, thanks to Eric Solheim.

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April 21, 2007 - Posted by | International News

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