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A scheme to eliminate corruption under UNP Government

Leader of UNP and Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe in his letter to popular actor Ranjan Ramanayake has explained that he has obtained approval from the UNP Executive Committee to take measures to stamp out corruption within the first three years of the UNP coming into power.. He has given seven points to achieve this: In his reply Ranil Wickremesinghe says thus :

I fully endorse your views on this subject as you will be aware that corruption is an absolute anathema to me.

I have intimated our discussion to the UNP Executive Committee, as we and yourself are on the same platform, the UNP has lauded this.

This scheme spells out to eliminate corruption at all levels as promptly as possible within the three years of the United National party being installed in power:

  1. Implementing the provisions of the law allowing freedom to gather information and data.

  2. A central unit to be established to deal with and decide on the purchases of the government’s requirements of goods and services.

  3. Implementation of the recommendations of the United Nations against corruption.

  4. A joint program with the ADB-OECD organizations on the lines of the scheme originated by the Asia pacific region to eradicate corruption.

  5. Making a request to those countries which have Trade relations with Sri Lanka and who have not signed with the OECD ‘s elimination of bribery proposals to become signatories thereto.

  6. Withdrawing the existing measures against corruption which are weak and replacing them with a fool proof system with no loopholes.

  7. Implementation of the provisions recommended in the Lima report

  • Withdrawal of the conditions whereby Ministers, Parliamentarians, Government officials and representatives take refuge after illegal acceptance of gifts and donations.
  • A system to legally bind those in public offices and their families to declare their assets and to show that they were legally acquired .
  • Establishment of an Independent Authority to periodically investigate the wealth and assets position of those Officers in the higher rungs of the Government and of their families.
  • New and stringent legislation to confiscate or impound the assets of those Ministers, Parliamentarians, officials of the State and those connected therewith who are found guilty of amassing wealth illegally and misappropriation of State assets.
  • Providing adequate security to the witnesses and their families who come forth to give evidence.
  • Introducing a scheme to record the gifts and presents received by Ministers, parliamentarians, and State officials
  • Prohibiting Ministers, parliamentarians and State officials from receiving gifts and presents at all levels and tightening the laws against bribery and corruption. And totally forbidding those found guilty of these offenses to enter politics.
  • A Commission to be set up to take up cases of bribery, corruption and frauds of Ministers, Parliamentarians and State officials on the model of the United States of America Justice dispensing Court Agencies.

This is UNP ‘s long term and primary plan to completely eradicate corruption in this country. We expect to further develop these remedies with the people’s ideas. People’s assistance and co-operation to rid this country of this scourge which has reached alarming proportions will therefore be of great value.

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May 15, 2007 - Posted by | International News

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