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`Mervyn the country`s scourge` Rupavahini serial extends by unpopular demand!

mervin-silvaFollowing the recent attack on the Rupavahini News Director by Minister Mervyn and his ‘kudu mastaan’ underworld gang, all those Rupavahini staff who vehemently protested against the Minister and his gang’s unruly hooliganism on that occasion are now being systematically attacked or being threatened one by one.

A few days ago, the News producer of the same Institution was brutally assaulted. Just yesterday (30 Jan), another of the staff, Dushantha had narrowly escaped when two armed men had entered his house and inquired for him. Fortunately, Dushantha was not at home.

The tragic situation in the country is that Minister Mervyn is still parading as a Hero, although the Govt. has not taken any disciplinary action against him, yet, although it has made solemn promises!


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Cobras are less venomous than the bipeds in politics!

Sri Lanka Politicians always do a lot of kerb-crawling for journalists when they are in the Opposition. After their purpose is served, the members of the Fourth Estate get unceremoniously kicked out. That has happened in the past, is happening at present and will happen in the future, regardless of who is at the levers of power. So, it behoves journalists to avoid politicians like the plague if it is the wellbeing of the media they strive for. Those who choose to sleep with dogs, so goes a popular saying in this country, are destined to get up with ticks. The fate of our brethren in the state media is a case in point.

We pledge solidarity with the Rupavahini workers once again but have to say this of their effort to mobilise politicians to ensure their safety and freedom: "Comrades, you are barking up the wrong tree!"

If a journalist happens to see a politician and a cobra on his way, as we keep sayingcobras, he must always avoid the former. Cobras are less venomous than the bipeds in politics!

This part originated from the Editorial today

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The clock back Independence of the Rajapakse Govt…

Jayalath JayawardenaJayalath Jayawardena. UNP M.P. at the UNP Media Unit today (28 Jan) speaking to the Media asked what right this Rajapakse Govt. has to celebrate independence after destroying the very foundation and every objective of independence .

Referring to the Govt.’s open and deliberate actions to destroy media freedom and freedom of speech of the people, he said, as the Govt. is unable to solve any of the people’s dire problems of which it is the architect, it is resorting to tyranny and lawlessness to stifle opposition and people’s agitation.

Even the Ministers have no discipline. Neither do they know what the laws of a country mean. The conduct of Minister Mervyn Silva and his underworld ‘kudu ’gang unlawfully entering a Govt. Institution and attacking a law abiding News Director bears ample testimony to the fact that the President has lost control not only over the administration of the country, but also over his Cabinet of Ministers. With no disciplinary action taken against the Minister, and a camouflage investigation on the episode by the Police are strongly suggestive that this assault was manipulated with the assistance of the higher ups of the Govt. It was alleged that the President has backed and had put Mervyn on the pedestal on that issue.

Even two days ago, the News Producer, Mawalage of the same Institution who spoke vociferously on that occasion against Minister’s attack has been brutally assaulted by a gang. The news producer who was critical is still in Hospital.

This President is trying to rule the country by implementing jungle laws with himself and his Ministers surrounded by lackeys of the Police, political stooges and underworld Kingpins, he exclaimed.

He urged the Media not to cower under these threats and intimidation. He told them to remember when their colleague’s house is ablaze their own is at stake.

He also assured the Media that the UNP will always stand by the Free Media as always as it has nothing to hide. Indeed, it is under the UNP tenure of Office, the draconian piece of legislation which stifled Press freedom was abolished, he concluded.

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Witness in Maheswaran case threatened

A witness in the Maheswaran assassination case revealed to Court that two unidentified persons had threatened him against his presence for the identification parade of the suspects yesterday.

At the Magisterial inquiry, the witness has refused to appear at the CCD when the Police vehicle had gone to pick him up. Later; he had complained to the CCD that two unidentified persons who came in a trishaw had warned him not to present himself for the identification parade.

It is also reported that though there were many eye witnesses at the scene of killing, none has come forth to give evidence.

The Magistrate ordered the CCD to record the statements and continues investigations.

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Bus fares up for masses – fuel allowances up for Ministers !!

In current Sri Lanka, with the so called ‘peoples’ Govt. of Rajapakse Bros., hardly a day passes without the people being rudely awakened by a disastrous news of steep price hikes of their essential commodities, tax or bus fare increases or some carnage of innocent citizens.

In keeping with this Govt.s mania to heap endless burdens on the people while giving itself relief (recent monthly fuel allowance hike of Rs.100,000.00, to Ministers !) it has now decided to raise the basic bus fares to Rs. 6.00 from Rs. 5.00 .with effect from 1st Feb.

Recently, President explained that he did not raise fuel prices of Air lines while burdening the poor masses using Kerosene which went up to unbearable prices, is because he wished the common man also to use economy class MihinAir.

May be the common man will find it cheaper to use Mihinair for travel than the bus under the new revised exorbitant bus fares!

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