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Ladies and Gentleman landing in CMB will be delayed by few hrs as we are instructed to land in Male and pick up a minister and his family vacationing there…

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January 24, 2008 - Posted by | News and politics


  1. On commenting about the incident, the National Carrier – Sri Lankan Airlines has done a correct thing and worked very professionally.

    Wheather it’s President of USA or Sri Lanka, or even he is the Chief Justice, they can not throw a passenger out from a loaded flight – just becasue that bugger requests so.

    If that’s the only reason that Mahinda seems as a failer – here is something to think with Dhammika.

    1. Who booked my flight? When?
    2. If above flight is booked is there any alternatives?

    Last minute booking is not acceptable. If that is the case with Mahinda he does not have proper advisors or staff to check his personal matters.

    If the President’s secatry was able to make a advnace booking – knowing he leaves this day this time – there wouldn’t be such issue.

    So its all bad planning of President’s associates.

    Just because of that is it reasonable to kik Peter out?… NO!


    Another thing is I wish that the Emirates will extend their partnership with SL Govt casue,

    … if sri lankan airlines goes totally to government – that will be a disaster. all soughts of bribes and frodes!!!

    The way Sri Lankan Airlines – our national carrier operates is very pleasent and the way the airport is maintain is also very nice.

    I would never wish to give this prestigiouse airline back to somone who can corrupt / or come to a big loss.

    take a look at SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT operated MIHIN LANKA…!!!!

    ——– its LOOSING its profits day by day – so are u guys thing of a BRIGHT FUTURE for sri lankan airlines with our GOVERNMENT??????? NO WAY!

    I wish you all the best – Sri Lankan Airlines – Our National Carrier! – Always!

    Comment by Panduka | January 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. hey guys, i totally agree wt ya cmnts..
    Sri lankan airlines will drown in t d sea since emirates collaboration has ended..
    i wish emirates takes t over agn..
    and keep up d brnd image of our national carrier sri lankan airlines..

    Comment by shihan | June 17, 2008 | Reply

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