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Govt.`s pact with a Terrorist Group for elections is unique!

Govt.`s pact with a Terrorist Group for elections is unique! – First of an illegal agreement anywhere in the World! – Lakshman

Lakshman KiriellaAddressing a Media meeting at the UNP Media unit today (7Feb), UNP M.P. Lakshman Kiriella said that this Rajapakse Govt. for political opportunism would strike a nefarious deal even with an internationally repudiated terrorist group like TMVP (Tamil Makkal Viduthalai puligal) led by Karuna, a breakaway faction of the LTTE. (Karuna is now in jail in UK on charges of fraudulent entry to the UK allegedly assisted by the Rajapakse Govt. He is also to be tried for human rights violations).

Explaining why the UNP withdrew from contesting in the forthcoming elections in the East, he said, the Govt. has entered into an agreement with a terrorist group, the TMVP who is contesting elections, and as TMVP is continuing with its terror activities fanned by the Govt., it is imprudent on security reasons to contest the Eastern polls. Already 28 persons (18 of them are candidates!) have been abducted just within two months of handing over of nomination papers. Besides, the Govt. has not taken any action to disarm these paramilitary terror groups.

Comparing the death tolls during the tenure of the UNP when Ranil Wickremesinghe was the Prime Minister and that under the Rajapakse regime, there were only 15 deaths under the UNP, but, under Rajapakse Govt. just in two years over 8000 have died; last month alone, there were 150 deaths and over 500 were injured.!, he exclaimed.

He asserted, you can indulge daily in empty boasts of winning a war, like an underworld ‘Chandiya’ while compromising the security, lives and welfare of the people as well as the sovereignty of the country. But, what is more important is to win a war without fighting a war by sagacity and strategy. This is how UNP fought the terrorists. How did the LTTE break into two, with Karuna, the second in command, breaking away? He asked. How did this huge loss to Prabakaran come by. He questioned. This was a loss Prabakaran could not ever repair, he asserted.

President is now riding roughshod on the woes of the people burdening them endlessly with price hikes, taxes and hardships on the pretext of a so called war. Who gave the President and his Govt., the mandate to pursue a war? Is it not this same President at the last elections who solemnly promised to the people that he would bring about a political solution within three months of his coming to power and is it not for this the people voted him into power? He asked.

It is therefore the President and his Govt. who should take full responsibility for precipitating this panic, turmoil and dire poverty in this erstwhile peace loving Sri Lanka, he concluded.


February 7, 2008 - Posted by | News and politics

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