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SL’s Rights record bottom in the region

Sri Lanka’s recent human rights record was one of the worst in the region, the London based Minority Rights Group (MRG) said yesterday launching its global ranking of Peoples Under Threat.

Afghanistan and Burma were listed as the worst situations due to worsening violence while the climate in Sri Lanka has deteriorated fast in the new year, according to the MRG ranking that is now available on line.

"Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the two Asian states where the situation has significantly deteriorated in the last year and both top the list of countries that have shown major rises compared to 2007," MRG said.

"Sri Lanka in 2007 faced a serious human rights and humanitarian crisis propelled by a return to war and breakdown of law and order. In almost all the cases of grave human rights abuses including killings, disappearances and torture, it is mostly ethnic Tamils and Muslims who are worst affected," Mark Lattimer, Executive Director of MRG said.

MRG said that the survey was part of its newly launched online World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, a database compiled by expert researchers for up to date information on the world’s minorities and indigenous peoples.


February 27, 2008 - Posted by | World News

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