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President deliberately violating the Constitution and the oath

Lakshman Kiriella , UNP M.P. ,addressing the Media at the UNP Media unit today (29 Feb) said that the atrocious and unconstitutional conduct of the President deliberately delaying the establishment of the Constitutional Council is a blatant violation of the Constitution. Under section 42 of the Constitution the President is responsible to the Parliament, he emphasized.

As the Parliament has forwarded all the names duly for the appointment of the Constitutional council (CC), the President is duty bound to establish the CC forthwith, and that is the explicit and express constitutional requirement, he asserted. Is the President so naive as not to know this, or is his feigning ignorance? All MP’s including the President has taken the solemn oath to uphold, and act with absolute deference to the constitution. As President, he has a greater responsibility in this direction and set an example to others, he exclaimed.

This President, on the contrary, is arduously searching for dubious routes to violate the constitution by talking of awaiting a report from the Select Committee before appointing the CC. There are so many select Committees pending, but they have nothing to do with the establishment of the CC, which he must know better than others. This explanation of the President is like a ‘Kasippu ’Lawyer ‘s defence in favour of his client who can well afford to lose the case talking any nonsense, because he still continues as a Lawyer!

Referring to the war, he said the Govt. is only introducing all the measures to suppress the true picture on the war front. It is the people who are being burdened by the Govt. excusing itself on the blundering war. It is they who are making sacrifices on account of the war, not the Govt. Hence, it is the Govt.’s duty to let the people know exactly what is happening without shutting out the Media and the Press from publishing war news.

Therefore, the UNP strongly urges the Govt. to allow the Media access to the war front and facts without painting a false rosy picture and hoodwinking the masses, he concluded.


February 29, 2008 - Posted by | World News

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