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Sri Lanka may be ousted from the United Nations (UNHRC)

Sri Lanka is faced with the grim prospect of being ousted from the United Nations Human rights Council (UNHRC) when it re-contests for an Asian seat at the next election in May 2008.

Under the resolution passed by the UN membership “members elected to the Council shall uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights”

Sri Lanka’s human rights record has been under consistent attack internationally. Indeed; it has also come under review at the UNHRC itself.


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Samitha Samanmali needs your help

24 year old Samitha Samanmali, 4th year medical undergraduate of Faculty of Medicine Colombo, Sri Lanka faced a terrible accident on the 15th of February 2008 at the BMICH premises and in a eyes blink her life changed forever.

Due to the accident she is now suffering from a Spinal Cord crush injury at T5/T6 level, Compound skull fracture in the occiput and internal bleeding. The consultant neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons of National Hospital Sri Lanka predict that this kind of damage to the spinal cord has a high chance for drastic long term complications like complete lower limb paralysis and loss of sensation, anal and urinary incontinence and other various complications such as respiratory tract infections. Full Story

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Sri Lanka hurtling down to a failed economy

Sri Lanka`s topflight economist Prof. A. S. Indraatne, President of the Sri Lanka Economic association at the monthly forum held recently for Public- private Dialogue of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) organized by the Small and medium Enterprise developers (SMED) said, Sri Lanka`s economy is in utter shambles with half the population living below poverty line and their per capita income is even lesser than U.S.$ 250.00 !, although the Govt. is waxing boastful on false inflated figures regarding it.

He pointed out how steeply the per capita income has plummeted: in 2006 it was U.S. $ 1350.00; in 2007 it was U.S. $ 1430.00. Furthermore, the inflation has increased to a disastrous level at over 20%.

He lamented that development has not taken place, and whatever little development has also not delivered the benefits to the poor.

The most irksome and disturbing factor is the gleeful galloping cost of living and uncontrollable increase in poverty among a large segment of the population, he added.

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S.B. Dissanayake asked why shouldn’t UNP contest Batticaloa elections ?

s_b_dissaS.B. Dissanayake asked why shouldn’t UNP contest Batticaloa elections when it could have registered a facile victory in Batticaloa going by the last Presidential elections results: UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe secured almost 12 lakhs votes whereas President Rajapakse could only poll 27808 votes in the East!

The UNP was not prepared to play into the hands of the Govt..’s machinations aimed at only winning elections by the foulest means collaborating with another terror group –the Pillayan who were as bad as or worse than the LTTE , because the Pillayan was backed by the Govt. to the hilt allowing them even to use weapons. In some instances they had even gone to the prospective candidates’ houses and forced them at gun point to withdraw or contest under their symbol. Even, pro Govt. Douglas Devananda party had admitted that Pillayan group was committing atrocious crimes with impunity: abductions, intimidations and extortions. It is alleged that a Mudalali. A friend of Minister Maithripala Sirisena was also a victim of extortion of the Pillayan group.The UNP candidates who were preparing for candidature was also threatened at gunpoint against contesting.

Answering questions, Dissanayake explained that UNP contested Wayambe elections even in a volatile and dangerous climate. But, there the Govt. was bent on ensuring Democracy and a peaceful election as best as possible. In the present Batticaloa elections, it was totally different, in this case we were to contest in the deadliest atmosphere, with a Rajapakse Govt. which is itself notorious for abductions, killings and extortions backing a gun toting terror group openly carrying arms and posing threats to the candidates and the civilian population.

He also added that as the country is heading for a total holocaust in its economy, administration, democracy and peoples freedom, the UNP has decided to begin from Village level, a peaceful protest campaign from the 16th of this month against the atrocities, corruption, lawlessness and economic ruin this Govt. is perpetrating to the detriment of the country and people.

This campaign will have a religious character with Bodhi poojas being performed at the nearest Temples while spreading the Leader’s message to the Nation. The first phase will be at 20 electorates increasing to 60 electorates on the 30th, and so on. He also distributed the oath the Party members will swear on this occasion pledging to save the country.

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SL`s lost glory to be retrieved! -UNP, SLFP (M) vow

Leader of the Jathika Sabha and Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe addressing the opening session of the National consultation for policy development at New Town Hall said politicians in the past irrespective of their Party colours commanded respect and showed great concern to maintain their reputation. Now, even when they forcibly demand respect they can’t get it due to their corrupt and criminal activities.


Now, power and money only determine right and wrong. It is a degenerative society created by political expediency and opportunism.

After sixty years of independence, where are we heading? He asked. Was independence sought for this country to plunge it into this predicament?

The Govt. after resorting to the worst repression and suppression of the Media dictating to them what should be written, published and broadcast, tells the World that there is no censorship of News. Sri Lanka has now been branded as the most dangerous place for journalists with a human rights record violation record that is staggering by any standard.


The need of the moment is a National consensus for policy development without allowing politicians to formulate policies according to their whims and fancies. This is precisely the aims and objectives of this program, and thereby restore the country to its past glory, Ranil emphasized.


Jathika Sabha Deputy Leader and SLFP (M) Mangala Samaraweera said this present administration has only accelerated the country’s abysmal downfall. The educated and knowledgeable who kept silent and idly watched this decline are also responsible, he added.

He called upon all to play a role in this National policy formulation to turn the dream of connecting the North and South into a reality.

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