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Govt. violating UN convention on corruption — UNP

Joseph Michael PereraChief Opposition Whip Joseph Michael Perera, making a special statement in Parliament yesterday, said though Sri Lanka was a signatory to the UN convention on preventing corruption, the government seemed to be acting in violation of the convention.

The convention required member states of the UN to take all steps to ensure and protect the independence of the Judiciary and provide it with all facilities including training.

There was a special clause that required us to protect the organisations that dealt with bribery or corruption but the Director General of the Commission for Investigating Bribery or Corruption was transferred suddenly as he had been investigating the Mig 29 transaction and it was a violation of the convention on bribery and corruption, he said.

He said that under the Article 43 of the Constitution the government was bound to respect the UN convention on the prevention of bribery and corruption but the government did not appear to be honouring its international obligations.

Therefore all steps necessary to prevent bribery and corruption and to ensure the independence of institutions dealing with such violations of the law should be taken, he said.

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March 6, 2008 - Posted by | South Asia, World News

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