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10000 children still stranded on the roads without Schools in Sri Lanka

Akila Viraj KariyawasamUNP M.P. Akila Viraj Kariyawasam addressing the media at the UNP Media unit today (Mar 6) lamented that this Govt. has not spared even the precious education of children – the country’s future investment, from its political tinkering and bungling. Of what use are a Govt. and its Ministry that cannot formulate a simple policy for the School admissions? Over 10,000 children are without a School, two months after the commencement of the New Year 2008! They and their parents are stranded on the roads protesting and demonstrating without avail with an Education Minister who is himself in a flat spin owing to his inefficiency and lethargy, like the Govt. itself, he exhorted. Mind you this is an education Minster who promised most vociferously at the Budget proceedings last year that all children will be found school admission before the year 2007 is out!

The Minister and the Govt. are only play acting like in all other issues using the pro Govt. Media, painting a rosy picture to the public distorting the truth blatantly. This is a Ministry and a Govt. ignorant of the basic constitutional provisions issuing circulars contradictory to the Constitution. This type of muddle headed action had made confusion worse confounded with the School authorities also put in a quandary as to what to follow and what decision to take.

This is the first time in Sri Lanka that recourse was had to the Judiciary to sort out this education mess of which none other than Education Ministry is the architect. Despite the Supreme Court order, the Education Ministry has still not resolved the vital and urgent needs of the school admissions blundering even on the marking system for new admissions.

Kariyawasam warned that the UNP as a party which has always stood by the people and safeguarded their rights cannot stand idle and watch this deceitful Govt. plunging the country into irredeemable economic and education chaos; therefore has decided to muster the support of the public and stage demonstrations alongside with them if the Govt. does not resolve these burning issues.


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