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Sripathi killed in accident

sooriyarachchiSripathi Sooriyaarachchi, former Sri Lankan Port Development Minister and Chief Co-ordinator of Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s (SLFP) Mahajana faction, a splinter group of SL President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s SLFP, was killed Saturday at 1:40 p.m. when his vehicle met with an accident at Madegama on Anuradhapura Galgamuwa road, Police said.

Mr. Sooriyaarachchi, a former naval officer turned lawyer and a close associate of former Sri Lankan president Chandrika Kumaratunga, has been a key player in challenging Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.


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Sri Lanka among the most dangerous countries for visitors

It was only recently five major countries, including UK, warned against travel to Srisrilanka Lanka and described latter as among the most dangerous countries for visitors. This News shook the whole SL tourist Industry which is already tottering on the brink of collapse to near death!

Now, UK has made special mention and held out a stronger warning to its travelers following the latest bomb attacks in the Capital city, Colombo. This is an unusually dire warning as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) generally does not express such strong insistence in its warnings.

There is a high and an ever increasing trend in terrorist violence in Colombo and the whole country, it added.

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Witness in Maheswaran case threatened

A witness in the Maheswaran assassination case revealed to Court that two unidentified persons had threatened him against his presence for the identification parade of the suspects yesterday.

At the Magisterial inquiry, the witness has refused to appear at the CCD when the Police vehicle had gone to pick him up. Later; he had complained to the CCD that two unidentified persons who came in a trishaw had warned him not to present himself for the identification parade.

It is also reported that though there were many eye witnesses at the scene of killing, none has come forth to give evidence.

The Magistrate ordered the CCD to record the statements and continues investigations.

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16 Bullet-riddled bodies found in Govt-controlled part of Sri Lanka

16 bullet-riddled bodies dumped in shallow graves in a government-controlled part of Sri Lanka.

The bodies were found on Thursday evening in the district of Anuradhapura, 208 kilometers north of the capital Colombo.

The victims had been blindfolded and shot, officials said.

Officials said they believed the victims had been killed elsewhere and that the graves were hurriedly dug by the side of a lonely stretch of road.

A local hospital source, who also asked not to be named, said autopsies will be performed by Saturday.

The defence ministry blamed Tamil Tiger rebels, who are fighting for independence from the island’s ethnic Sinhalese majority in a drawn-out and bloody conflict.

The work of the press is severely restricted in Sri Lanka, with reporters systematically barred by the government from travelling to front-line.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have already expressed fears that more civilians could be killed following the government’s decision this month to pull out of a ceasefire with the rebels.

The United Nations human rights body has also been demanding it be allowed to establish a permanent presence in Sri Lanka to monitor human rights, although the government has furiously rejected the demand.

Anuradhapura Magistrate Shivantha Manchanayaka visited the scene and ordered to Anuradhapura JMO to hold an inquest. He further ordered the bodies to be handed over to Kebithigollewa hospital.

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Malini Fonseka welcome in LA

"I was at one time sad that I could not fulfill my childhood dream to heal and serve the people, but now I feel destiny has given me that opportunity through a different medium. Movies can be termed as a powerful medium of social change and by portraying a wide range of roles in reel, I believe I have healed and brought happiness to the people". -Malini Fonseka

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Malani Senehelatha Fonseka (born April 30, 1947 in Kelaniya) is an award-winning Sri Lankan film actress, once known as the "Queen of Sinhalese cinema". Her cinema career which has spanned many decades began with Tissa Liyansooriya’s Punchi Baba in 1968. She first earned recognition, when she won the ’Best Actress Award’ at the 1969 National State Drama Festival This was followed by Sarasaviya Best Actress Awards for Hingana Kolla in 1980, Aradhana in 1982 and Yasa Isuru in 1983.

Fonseka was the first Sri Lankan actress to reach international heights, winning awards at the Moscow International Film Festival in 1975 and the New Delhi Film Festival in 1977.

Apart from the many Sarasaviya Awards she has won, she has also earned other honours like the Presidential Awards, OCIC Awards and also international recognition.

Her most recent awards include the "Best Actress Award" for the teledrama "Kemmura" at the Sumathi Tele Awards Ceremony, 2000 and Wishva Prasadhini Award as appreciation of her service to the cinema industry from the President in 1996.

Sarasaviya Awards won by Fonseka:

  • Ranathisara Award, 1985
  • Most Popular Actress, 1983
  • Best Actress Actress – Yasa Isuru, 1982
  • Most Popular Actress, 1982
  • Best Actress Award – Aradhana, 1981
  • Most Popular Actress Award, 1981
  • Most Popular Actress Award, 1980
  • Best Actress Award – Hingana Kolla, 1979

Pictures via Don Mangal Jayakody – Los Angeles, USA

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